Make fast and easy deviled or “hard” cooked eggs by using the Easy Boiled™ or Easy Deviled™ egg tips and products at eggourmet®.

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   Easy Boil™ Easy Boiled Eggs

Easy Boil™ is a new and improved cooking method developed to remove the frustration and aggravation of peeling hard cooked eggs. A great feature of this method is the outstanding variety of shapes, colors, and ‘egg’-cellent recipes the Easy Boil™ cooking method enables you to make.

The recipes and instructions in the Eggourmet® blog posts primarily use the products sold by Eggourmet®. We have chosen what we believe are the best products with the most consistent results.

Easy Boil™ Easy Boiled Eggs

Use this method and Eggourmet® pans to fix egg breakfast sandwiches, cute hard cooked eggs for lunches, creative and attractive deviled eggs, and quick and easy salad eggs. There’s no need to worry over peeling eggs. It takes less than 20 minutes. You’ll feel like making your favorite hard or soft cooked egg dishes as often as you like. A 10” skillet and lid is required. You can cook 1 to 8 eggs in a 10 inch skillet. This recipe can be made in smaller amounts.

Servings                Prep Time      Cook Time

4-2 Egg servings  2 Minutes       14 Minutes


8 Large Eggs or substitute 3 to 4 Tbsp of egg whites for each egg

1 teaspoon Butter, oil, or spray (Use a moderate amount for each egg pan/mold)

Servings: 4   2 egg servings

Units: Metric


1. Use a small to moderate amount of butter, olive (vegetable) oil, or vegetable oil spray to grease the inside of the cups. Place 1 cup of water into a 10” or 12” skillet. Using a larger skillet than 12” will require more water and cooking time. Place the cups into the water, open side up. Do not turn on the burner yet. Crack the eggs into the cups whole, or separate whites into single cups and up to 3 yolks into another single cup (especially to make deviled eggs). Cover the skillet. Do not Peek/Peep while cooking. Turn on the burner. Electric Stoves: cook for 14 minutes on medium heat. Gas Stoves: Cook for 14 minutes on medium low heat. Remove the skillet from the heat and open the lid away from you (tilt the back side up to release the steam away from your face). Remove the Eggourmet® cups with tongs and flip over onto a plate. The eggs should slide out. If not, gently push the indention on the back side to allow air flow. This will help release the seal on the bottom. The eggs will be wet from steam and the water naturally occurring in an egg. It will not hurt the egg. The water will evaporate or you can move the eggs to a different plate. Enjoy!


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