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Easy Boiled™ Eggs: No Sticking, No Peeling, No Shells

Most of us eat eggs in one way or another.  Eggourmet® is about making egg cooking more fun and creative.  On our website you will find information about how to cook fresh eggs, liquid egg whites, and ‘devil’ or stuff eggs with colorful and delicious fillings.  You’ll learn about the nutrition in eggs and the different egg parts.  You will get to read about or watch videos that demonstrate egg cooking products and egg gadgets that help in the kitchen.

Eggs are economical, nutritious, and versatile.  We invite you to join our email list and enjoy cooking and having fun with eggs.

Easy Boil™ Egg Cooker

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Our Boiled Egg Cups Make It Easy to Enjoy Fast and Delicious Boiled Eggs

Just crack…boil…eat!

Click here to see our egg shaping pans and molds.

Pretty eggs for special occasions or holidays.

Easy boil™ eggs:

Just like hard boiled eggs only faster and easier, without gray green yolks, egg shells to peel, or embarrassing pitted deviled egg whites.

Download the Easy Boil™ instructional video click here!

Easy Boil™ egg examples.

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